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While the tussle could lead to disciplinary action for the site, it could also lead to clearer rules for canna-businesses. The license number is also intended to ensure that, when all regulations are fully enacted later this year, all marijuana sold by a particular retailer has been tested for safety, properly labeled, and is otherwise in compliance.

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While Weedmaps competitor Leafly. Online advertising giant Weedmaps, which was founded in and has offices from Denver to Berlin, helps visitors locate dispensaries and browse their selections of cannabis.

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Its site and app use a Yelp-like system to rate cannabis retailers — many of which are unlicensed. Beals went on to say that if states and cities really want to control the illegal market, they need to establish a solid regulatory framework and issue permits to enough licensed marijuana businesses to meet demand.

Another attorney, Khurshid Khoja, says that, according to his reading of state law, the bureau only has legal jurisdiction over licensees, not ancillary businesses like websites that serve as advertising platforms. In addition, Figueroa says, Weedmaps could be angering customers by charging licensed retailers thousands of dollars a month, while potentially charging unlicensed competitors far less. Some licensed retailers, he said, have already complained. Copy link.


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Lawyers close to the industry are split on the issue. Related posts. Will these new bills push at-home cultivation toward normalization or simply create a new version of prohibition? Six years later, a lot of these points of contention have come to bear, and advocates are still pushing the state legislature for the right to grow at home for personal use.

This is the first legislative session in post-legalization Washington State that there is bipartisan and bicameral support to change it before the session even officially begins. Brian Blake D — who has championed the issue in years past — along with Rep. Drew MacEwen R , Rep. Laurie Dolan D , Rep.

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Jim Walsh R , and Rep. Shelley Kloba D. Watch your meds grow on our videos, just click the videos tab above the map and enjoy! We have expanded to Santa Barbara in order to service the community!! Try our delivery service and see why we were voted the BEST! If you have any questions when placing your order, don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff as they are happy to assist you one-on-one to ensure you find what your looking for. Please confirm your order is correct when our driver arrives and test your vape cartridges.

Unfortunately, we're limited on our returns and exchanges.

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We understand that sometimes things can happen, so we are willing to process returns on a case by case basis. Thank you for your understanding during this time where we will be making changes to come into compliance. You can save on some of the taxes now associated with cannabis by obtaining a state approved medical marijuana ID card. If you apply for and receive this card you will save on the 7. Green Cuisine Delivery Santa Barbara.

Open Now Right now, SDCDA is urging city council to adopt a permitting process specifically for delivery services to become licensed. Websites like Weedmaps and Leafly, as well as the San Diego Reader and possibly other businesses, provide unlicensed and licensed marijuana businesses a platform to advertise and they make profits doing so.

Leafly did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The San Diego Reader declined to comment on this story. Two years ago the state of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas put Weedmaps on notice about advertising unlicensed dispensaries and delivery services. Las Vegas cited a city ordinance banning advertising of unlicensed businesses when the city sent Weedmaps a cease-and-desist letter.

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Within months, the advertisements were taken down. To read the letter, click here. For the City of San Diego, time is running short to make a decision on these issues ahead of January 1, , when the new retail marijuana state laws go into effect.

The Case Of Weedmaps And California | Briteside

The state is working to make its permitting process available, and the city council is scheduled to discuss a set of potential new regulations for cultivation, manufacture, and testing at its Sept. Establishing a permitting process for delivery-only services is not on the agenda. Wilhelm said she and the SDCDA will attend the meeting to advocate for the issuance of 15 licenses to delivery-only services. Fifty percent of retail marijuana is sold through delivery, according to Wilhelm. The tax revenue San Diego could generate from regulating it would be a boon to the city, she said.